Born into a family where musical theater, 70s classic rock, jazz standards, choral music, and folk music were all acceptable choices to play in the car ride home from school, it is no wonder Caitlin Adler grew into a musician and composer who draws from all sources of musical styles to create her own. A native of Baltimore, MD, Caitlin grew up performing in school choir and band, school musicals, and was a six-year member of the Peabody Children’s Chorus (Peabody Preparatory in Baltimore, MD). She always had access to a piano in her childhood home—playing any tune she heard on the radio and figuring it out by ear.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Voice and Composition from Sarah Lawrence College, Caitlin has a passion for working with young vocalists and helping them find their individual vocal sound. She has a background in a variety of genres, ranging from classical repertoire to jazz, rock, and folk. .

Concert Stage: Asbury Methodist Church (Tuckahoe, NY); Village Lutheran Church Choir (Bronxville, NY); NY Choral Society (New York, NY)

Vocal Pedagogy: Yvonne Hawkins Field, Eddye Pierce Young, Thomas Young, and Susan Eichhorn Young

Composition: Douglas Buchanan (Peabody Conservatory), Paul Kerekes (Sarah Lawrence College)

Conducting: Doreen Falby (Peabody Children’s Chorus, Baltimore, MD), Martin Goldray (Sarah Lawrence College)